Family Shoot in Utah

After an amazing week out west, I got the chance to shoot some personal family photos in some of the Utah State Parks. There are some spectacular views everywhere you look, so it was not that hard to find a great place to explore and take some photos.

Photos In Motion

An experiment in making still images move. Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, I experimented today with what is called, The Parallax Effect. It involves taking a still photo and "cutting out" pieces in Photoshop and animating them in After Effects. This was my first time trying it out. Let me know what you think!

Watch fullscreen for the best results.


Tapp Middle School Formal

It is hard to believe that my son is leaving eighth grade and going on to high school. They always tell you how fast time flies by when you younger, but you never believe them, til you see it for yourself.

Last night I got to photograph a few kids we watched grow up. The Tapp Middle School eighth grade had their year end formal at The Ron Anderson center in Powder Springs. I only had about 25 minutes to get enough group shots and portraits of everyone there. Thank goodness the rain that was forecasted to happen, never did. It was a lovely evening and I had a great time taking photos. 

Group Shot
Tyler and Claire

Tyler and Claire

The Girls

The Girls

From Above

From Above



Halloween Family Portrait 2014

We present our 2014 Halloween Portrait. This year's portrait was the most difficult one we have tried to date. We have done 7 portraits since 2008. The theme this year was Skeletons. I wanted to go a little less photoshop and a little more photographic style, but I ended with a pretty even amount of both. The makeup took the longest (almost three hours for the three of us). I did all of the makeup myself.

Halloween Portrait 2014

Halloween Portrait 2014

I went with a single light setup. White lightning 1600 in an octobox (Thanks Stan - ) at a 45 degree angle right above the subject with a black backdrop. It highlighted the face and made great shadows on the chin to emphasize the makeup. 

Sue in her Skeleton Pirate outfit.

Sue in her Skeleton Pirate outfit.

Tyler in his Skeleton Warrior outfit.

Tyler in his Skeleton Warrior outfit.

I realized it is very difficult to try and shoot while wearing tons of makeup on your face. It's even harder to try and take a "selfie". It was one part of the process, I had not thought of. I was able to take good photos of my wife and son, but I was not quite satisfied with mine. Regardless, it was a great experience. Next time, I will plan better.

That's me as Papa Legba ( Haitian Voodoo)

That's me as Papa Legba (Haitian Voodoo)

Time to start thinking of next years shoot!

Emily - Class of 2015

            I don't think I could have had a nicer young lady to end the senior photo season with, then Emily. Emily is a senior at McEachern High School. She had a great spirit and attitude. We spent 2 hours wondering Marietta Square and it flew by. I wish I had some more time to photograph her. She followed all my ridiculous ideas and suggestions and I hope she had as much fun as I did. In the end, these photos are a result of her personality and style, I just clicked the shutter. Thanks to Emily and her mom, Jen, for the opportunity to shoot a wonderful young lady. 


Headshot & Mini Session

I got to do a mini session with these three the other day. They needed headshots for upcoming auditions and we had some time left to get all three of them together for a group shot.

They are a talented bunch of children. They act, sing, play instruments and participate in sports. They are all well rounded kids.







They moved out of Powder Springs awhile ago, so I don't get to photograph them as much. When I do it's always fun. I would like to thank Sidney for initiating this shoot and her mom and Dad, Jay and Sue, for helping out during it. Hope we can do more photography sessions in the future.

Ashley - Class of 2015

The other day I had the pleasure of shooting Ashley. She will be a senior at Hillgrove High School in Powder Springs this year. I didn't have to coach her at all. That glowing smile and beautiful face came through on every picture. Thanks to Ashley and her mom Kim.


Halloween Family Portrait 2013

   For the past eight years, our family has created a Halloween family portrait. The project began with the hosting of our first Halloween party when we moved to our current neighborhood. We used the photos as invitations to the event. Each year the photographs became increasingly more popular, and we tried to out-do ourselves each year.

  This becomes really difficult after a while. The photographs started as the three of us in plain clothes, and I would add costumes using Photoshop. Now, we purchase costumes, props and backdrops to enhance the final appearance of the photograph.

   Thankfully, my family is awesome and willing to participate. We have learned over the years that the more involved the project is, the more preparation is required to quell tempers. A typical shoot when we first started would take 15 minutes to ½ hour. This year’s photo shoot took three hours.

  We have an initial family meeting to brainstorm ideas. After we agree on the premise, I draw some sketches to help create the basic structure of the photos and help finalize the picture in my head. I then design a timeline of everything that needs to be done on the day of the event. A few days before the photo shoot, we have another family meeting to go over expectations and any questions. Once everyone is on board and all questions have been answered, we are ready to go. With everyone now knowing the timeframe, and what is needed to successfully complete the shoot, they are much more willing to take part in it.

  We make sure to eat a good meal before the photo shoot. After lunch everyone gets in costume, puts on their makeup and I set up the photo equipment.

 This year our annual Halloween portrait pays homage to the 50's sci-fi movies. Our plan was to be the typical suburban neighborhood family with a dark secret.  

  The portrait went very smoothly with very few bumps. I would like to thank my family for this fun, but unusual tradition.


We did individual portraits showing our aliens in disguise. I used my Nikon D7000, a beauty dish, and a white lighting 1800.

Special thanks to Stan Kaady ( for letting me borrow both the dish and the 1600, they worked great!


We shot almost fifty stock photos of red octopus tentacles, I purchased from the Buford Farmer's Market. My son Tyler helped as camera man, while I positioned the octopus in different poses.


Here are the the full size individual portraits.



Breanna Senior Photos

It was my pleasure to photography Breanna this past weekend for her senior pictures. This was her first photo shoot and she did a fantastic job. 


We started at her home in the late afternoon and later moved on to Sope Creek to pose by the old paper mill just outside of Atlanta. The weather was beautiful but hot.  It was a pretty good hike to get to the location, but it was worth it. The mills were very cool. We thought we might be in trouble when a group of high school kids were having a water gun and water balloon fight in the ruins, but they were cool and stayed well away from us while we were shooting.


Our last stop was Marietta Square and the sun was setting fast. When we arrived, I had forgotten how busy the square gets on the weekend. Lucky for us the "good light" was available away from the crowds and we got some great shots before the end of the day.


It was an adventurous shoot and Breanna and her mom enjoyed it, at least I think they did.