Sidney - Class of 2018

I would like to thank Sidney for a wonderful time during the photo shoot. She was a true professional. We needed to head out early due to the high heat and humidity and she was a trooper the whole time (no matter what I put her through).

We headed out to Lost Mountain Park for the first part of the shoot. Wet ground, humidity and quite a walk out to the main spot was not a challenge for Sidney. She was willing to venture whereever was nesscary to got the shots.

Thanks to Sidney's Father, Jay, we have some behind the scenes photos of me taking these photos. Just so you know, the grass

Different pose, but the same angle.

Different pose, but the same angle.

Our next stop was Marietta Square, the "go to" place for Senior photos (at least in Cobb County).

This is the real Sidney.

Another behind the scenes photo. Similar shot, pose is different. 

Yea, I added the graduation year on the wall with Photoshop. We actually brought a chalkboard we us to write the year on, but, we all forgot to bring it out and write on it. That's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Never mess with a girl and her instrument. I'm convinced that will be a album cover in a few years.

A few more of me from the shoot.

I loved hanging out with Sidney and her Dad on a Sunday morning. We hit a bunch of locations and she killed all of them. Thank you Sidney for a great photo shoot!