Andrew & Jasmine Part Two - The Prom

Well, it seems only fitting that I finished last year with Andrew and Jasmine for their senior photos, and started this year with their prom photos.

I met Andrew and Jasmine at City Club Marietta well before the limo showed up to take them away to downtown Atlanta for the Hillgrove High School Prom. 

Jasmine Staircase Marietta

Jasmine Staircase Marietta

It has been great working with both of them. They are very photogenic. We had about an hour and a half to walk around and take photos. Although I never grabbed a shot of the crowd, it was the happening place for prom photos, because soon there was close to 100 people at the hotel taking photos.

Andrew and Jasmine City Club Marietta

Andrew and Jasmine City Club Marietta


To make matters worse, there was a wedding going on right next to us in the back of the hotel. That left us limited space to grab photos (considering they kicked us out when we tried to take photos inside) The ones of Jasmine on the staircase above were taken when we entered a back door with the caters and ran to the staircase to get the photo. Anything to get the shot!


I had walked the hotel early and find some spots for photos. We were able to grab some in the front, before the whole herd come over and filled this field. Always come with a plan.

Thanks to Andrew, Jasmine, and their parents for a wonderful afternoon!

Sleigh Ride

Our Holiday music video for friends and family. 

The Washburns would like to wish you all a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year. We look forward to new ideas, projects and many more gatherings with family and friends in 2018. Enjoy our holiday music video.

Halloween Portrait Teaser 2017

This year for the Halloween shoot, we decided not to keep it a surprise for our theme. We are going with a Brothers Grimm theme, Little Red Riding Hood to be precise. I created a little trailer to hype it up a bit. All of it was created in Photoshop and animated in After Effects. Hope you enjoy, and come back in a few weeks to see the final results of the photo shoot.

Sidney - Class of 2018

I would like to thank Sidney for a wonderful time during the photo shoot. She was a true professional. We needed to head out early due to the high heat and humidity and she was a trooper the whole time (no matter what I put her through).

We headed out to Lost Mountain Park for the first part of the shoot. Wet ground, humidity and quite a walk out to the main spot was not a challenge for Sidney. She was willing to venture whereever was nesscary to got the shots.

Thanks to Sidney's Father, Jay, we have some behind the scenes photos of me taking these photos. Just so you know, the grass

Different pose, but the same angle.

Different pose, but the same angle.

Our next stop was Marietta Square, the "go to" place for Senior photos (at least in Cobb County).

This is the real Sidney.

Another behind the scenes photo. Similar shot, pose is different. 

Yea, I added the graduation year on the wall with Photoshop. We actually brought a chalkboard we us to write the year on, but, we all forgot to bring it out and write on it. That's the story and I'm sticking to it.

Never mess with a girl and her instrument. I'm convinced that will be a album cover in a few years.

A few more of me from the shoot.

I loved hanging out with Sidney and her Dad on a Sunday morning. We hit a bunch of locations and she killed all of them. Thank you Sidney for a great photo shoot!

Senior Sessions 2018

It's that time of the year again! We are gearing up for the 2018 season, while finishing up with some 2017 graduates (better late then never). We have included some new elements and new locations with our sessions.

Contact us if you have any questions! and let us what you think of the video.

Black Light Halloween Photos

      It's that time again. Each year we create our Halloween photo project. This year's theme was "Blacklight". Yes, just like the posters us old people had on the walls when we were young. This was the same premise, but not with ink, we used UV Makeup to make these portraits come to life. 

Black Light Halloween Fairy 

Black Light Halloween Fairy 

      The process started with me, painting each of us with regular black makeup (skin has a glow under UV light, so I had to cover most of it up). Then I layered a combination of different makeup colors, based on the design I had drawn up earlier.

Black Light Halloween Scarecrow

Black Light Halloween Scarecrow

I tried to come up with a different color pattern for the three of us, to make us as unique as possible. Each person took about 2 1/2 hours to apply the makeup and only about 30 minutes to shoot the photos. There is very little post processing in Adobe Lightroom. I didn't need to use Photoshop at all. 

Black light Halloween Clown

Black light Halloween Clown

      We are all illuminated by a custom made ring light equipped with (8) 25 Watt Fluorescent Blacklights (pictures included of the rig below). This provided enough light to capture the photos at a decent camera setting for detail.


      I wanted to make a video this time because I didn't think people would think it was real (i.e. photoshopped) unless they saw it for themselves.

I hope you enjoy this year's photos. If you have any questions, please leave them below. FYI, I'm already working on next year.


Black light Halloween Fairy

Black light Halloween Fairy

Black Light Halloween Scarecrow

Black Light Halloween Scarecrow

Black Light Halloween Clown

Black Light Halloween Clown



No Escape & The Making Of No Escape

Photoshop composite with myself, my son Tyler and our dog Dr. Pepper.

No Escape - Final Composite

No Escape - Final Composite

This is the completed project and a time lapse video of the full process of creating composites. From the concept drawing, to the photography shoot, to the final Photoshop composite. Over 9 hours of work compressed into 4 minutes. Enjoy! and please leave your questions below if you have them.

New Video Series On Facebook

My first (and hopefully not last) video, introducing the series I would like to do this year. It is also painfully obvious to see that I am much better behind the camera, then in front of it. Thank goodness it's short. ; )

Family Shoot in Utah

After an amazing week out west, I got the chance to shoot some personal family photos in some of the Utah State Parks. There are some spectacular views everywhere you look, so it was not that hard to find a great place to explore and take some photos.

Photos In Motion

An experiment in making still images move. Using Adobe Photoshop and Adobe After Effects, I experimented today with what is called, The Parallax Effect. It involves taking a still photo and "cutting out" pieces in Photoshop and animating them in After Effects. This was my first time trying it out. Let me know what you think!

Watch fullscreen for the best results.