Andrew & Jasmine Part Two - The Prom

Well, it seems only fitting that I finished last year with Andrew and Jasmine for their senior photos, and started this year with their prom photos.

I met Andrew and Jasmine at City Club Marietta well before the limo showed up to take them away to downtown Atlanta for the Hillgrove High School Prom. 

Jasmine Staircase Marietta

Jasmine Staircase Marietta

It has been great working with both of them. They are very photogenic. We had about an hour and a half to walk around and take photos. Although I never grabbed a shot of the crowd, it was the happening place for prom photos, because soon there was close to 100 people at the hotel taking photos.

Andrew and Jasmine City Club Marietta

Andrew and Jasmine City Club Marietta


To make matters worse, there was a wedding going on right next to us in the back of the hotel. That left us limited space to grab photos (considering they kicked us out when we tried to take photos inside) The ones of Jasmine on the staircase above were taken when we entered a back door with the caters and ran to the staircase to get the photo. Anything to get the shot!


I had walked the hotel early and find some spots for photos. We were able to grab some in the front, before the whole herd come over and filled this field. Always come with a plan.

Thanks to Andrew, Jasmine, and their parents for a wonderful afternoon!